What Is Thebat.exe?

What is TheBat.exe? TheBat.exe is part of the The Bat! software, which is developed by Ritlabs, SRL based on TheBat.exe version information. TheBat.exe description is The Bat! E-Mail Client by Ritlabs, SRL. TheBat.exe is usually located in the “C:\Program Files\The Bat!\” folder.

The .exe extension of the TheBat.exe file specifies…

What Is SPReview.exe

What is SPReview.exe? It is a Microsoft program that is installed on Windows systems during service pack installation from Windows Update. It is installed as C:\Windows\System32\SPReview\spreview.exe. The installation also sets registry keys in HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnce and its HKCU counterpart.

Is SPReview.exe a Virus?

To check if the SPReview.exe file is a virus or malware, please…


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