How to Fix Failed to Obtain IP Address? Here Are 5 Ways for You!

Failed to Obtain IP Address

Some people report that their device cannot obtain an IP address when trying to connect to a Wi-Fi network or hotspot. This problem not only prevents you from using this network to access the Internet, but you also cannot access any other network resources. The “failed to obtain IP address” error can appear on all Android phones and software versions.

What causes this issue? The following are some possible reasons.

Now, let’s see how to fix the “Android IP configuration failure” issue.

How to Fix Failed to Obtain IP Address

Fix 1: Restart the Android Device and Router

The first method for you to fix the “failed to obtain IP address” error is to restart your Andriod device and router. Of course, this only applies to your home network. If you are at home and the problem is caused by a software conflict or fundamental malfunction in your phone, restarting the two devices may completely solve the problem.

To get the details on how to restart the router, thus post — How to Restart a Router and Modem Properly is what you need.

Fix 2: Delete and Re-add Network

Your Android device will save the network you are connected to. You can delete them at any time. If something is not stored or read correctly, you may receive the “failed to obtain IP address” error message.

Then, you can check if the issue has been fixed. If not, try the next solution.

Fix 3: Set the Phone to Airplane Mode

Software issues or interference may prevent you from connecting to the network. Airplane mode is designed to cut off all connections of Android devices. This helps refresh all networks.

You may be able to pull down the notification/options menu at the top of the screen and click Airplane Mode. Turn it on for a few minutes, then turn it off again to try to reconnect to the network. Then, check to see if the issue has gone.

Fix 4: Clear Google Play Services Cache

You can follow the steps below to clear Google Play Store caches to see if it can help fix the “failed to obtain IP address” error.

Fix 5: Assign a Static IP Address

The last method for you is to assign a static IP address. Follow the steps below:

Final Words

To sum up, in order to fix the “failed to obtain IP address” error, this post has shown 5 reliable solutions. If you come across the same trouble, try these solutions. If you have any better ideas to fix the “IP configuration failure” error, you can share it in the comment zone.


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