How to Transfer Google Drive Owner? Follow the Guide Below!

Before Transfer Google Drive Owner

  1. It’s recommended to move files to the shared drive since other members can still access these files if the user leaves or is deleted.
  2. Make sure the current user is not on Litigation Hold.
  3. Check the storage usage of the new owner and make sure the owner has enough storage space.

Start to Transfer Google Drive Owner

After Transfer Google Drive Owner

  • The new owner will receive an email that notifies him to accept the transfer. If they accept the transfer request, they will become the file owner. Until then, you are still the owner.
  • The new owner is promoted to editors unless they are already editors.
  • If the new owner accepts, you will be demoted to the editor. The new owner can delete you.
  • If the new owner declines, you are still the owner.

How to Accept/Decline an Ownership Transfer Request

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